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Recharging and Inspiration – Cocos2D Book

Recharging and Inspiration

The Learning Cocos2D book is complete and headed to printers. I’m happy with the way it turned out, and hope you guys find it useful and a good read.
Before we get any further, if you want to pre-order the book:
On Amazon (paper book)
On InformIT (paper, PDF, ePub, etc)

The blog posts here have been slower then I would like. First we were busy with the book, you know actually writing and coding, and lately I have been taking some time off to rest and recharge, spending time with my two kids. Our older boy is 3, and it has been a world of fun building train tracks and playing with him. Even though I have a terrible Sir Topham Hatt English accent, he does not seem to mind 🙂

If you have no idea who Sir Topham Hatt is, just wait until you have kids, especially boys. You will quickly learn to scour youtube for videos of firetrucks, trash compactors, and our favorite, airplanes landing.

Here is a track we were working on a few night ago:
Building a Thomas and Friends Train Set

I have gotten more game ideas (no, not train related) while playing with them, and re-discovered the kid in me. I’m sure most parents realize that special opportunity of being a kid once more when playing with your own kids. It is really fun to take some time off from Xcode and clear one’s head a bit.

What about some Cocos2D content? That will have to wait until next week, I’ve got a post underway covering how to convert a Cocos2D+Box2D physics game into a Cocos2D+Chipmunk game. Why would you do such a thing…

Last but not least, I convinced Ray to leave the Northeast for a weekend and come down to Atlanta so we can teach a weekend workshop on Cocos2D (and Chipmunk). There are a couple of seats left, register here.

What inspirations or ideas have you gotten while playing with your kids?