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Voices that Matter – Seattle – Cocos2D Book

Voices that Matter – Seattle

This April 8-10 I will be speaking at the Voices that Matter Conference in Seattle.

My talk is on Performance Tips and Tricks for Cocos2D, learn how to keep your game at 60 frames per second even on a iPhone 3G!

On April 8th Ray Wenderlich and I are doing a full day long workshop on learning Cocos2D via MiniGames. It’s part lecture, part hands-on, with lots of sample code and time in Xcode. If you have been waiting to learn Cocos2D this workshop will get you from zero to building your own games in one caffeine filled day. Don’t just take my word on it, see the other great speakers on the schedule here:

Lastly, you can still save $100 off the price with the code SEASPK2

Hope to see you in Seattle,