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Upcoming Conferences – Cocos2D Book

Upcoming Conferences

2010 is not over yet, and there are at least two great conferences to wrap up the year. Voices that Matter Conference in Philadelphia, October 16th and 17th and 360iDev Conference in Austin, November 7th to 10th.

Both conferences have a great line up of speakers including Mike Daley at VTM and Noel Llopis at 360iDev. If you are an indie game developer or want to be one these two conferences are key to learning how to do it and meeting folks that make up the iOS Dev community. Where else can you finish an Advanced OpenGL talk by Keith of Imangi Studios and walk into Owen Goss creating a game prototype live in front of the audience. The sessions cater to all aspects of iOS development, from design to deep code and technical dives. Both of these conferences are small enough that you get to meet and talk to everyone.

If you are attending 360iDev then you must try the GameJam, it is an experience not to be missed. You get to try to write a game over an 8-12 hour period along with some of the best iOS developers out there. It really is for people of all levels, everyone helps each other out, and the energy in the room is palatable. You never know, you may even get a fiddle serenade by Phil. I have attended two of the GameJam sessions so far, and it was a lot of fun. The motivation from those sessions alone kept me going for a long time, even after recovering from the lack of sleep.

In Voices that Matter I will be going over Cocos2D and covering all of the basics people need to get started right away on writing games. Last time the attendees walked away with a fully working game sample. At 360iDev I’ll be diving into game physics, and how to add and use physics engines in your games.

Voices that Matter Conference

Get $100.00 off registration with code PHASPKR for Voices That Matter.

360iDev Conference

Hope to see you in Philly or Austin.