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Cocos2D Via Minigames Workshop – Cocos2D Book

Cocos2D Via Minigames Workshop

So you want to be a Game Developer?

If you are like us, you have been thinking about making your own games since you were a kid. I started with an Apple ][, some of you way earlier and some of you are just now starting. Either way. the hardest part is taking that first step.

Ray and I taught a day long workshop on Learning Cocos2D at the Voices That
iPhone conference called Cocos2D via Minigames back in Seattle earlier this year.

We had a great time, and it was wonderful to really get folks started with Game Dev and see the light bulb moments when they crossed that threshold of “I wish I could make this game”, to “I know I can make this game”. Some attendees even ended up staying up throughout the night after a full day workshop because they wanted to work on their games and apply what they learned. It was really inspirational to see that creative spark, and one of the reasons I really enjoy teaching.

Ray and I are pleased to announce that we are bringing the workshop to Atlanta, GA and expanding it to a full weekend.
The workshop is split between lecture, demos, and labs. We cover the concepts and the demo how to implement it in code, then guide you through hands-on labs in building a series of minigames to re-enforce those concepts. For example, in the first minigame you learn about sprites and actions and movements, then go to build a game about a cat avoiding on-coming cars. We really designed it as hands-on, learn the concepts and code, then turn around and apply it to create a minigame.

There are six minigames in all, several of them fully physics based games.
If you have no Cocos2D experience or even a little, we take you through the Cocos2D basics and then right into animations, scrolling, physics, sounds, and much more.

This session of the Cocos2D via Minigames will be in Atlanta, GA on June 11th and 12th.

If you have been waiting to learn Cocos2D and create your own games, wait no more.

Sign Me Up!

So, do you want to start making your own games? Sign up now on the
EventBrite page!

Use the code prop to save $100 off the price of the workshop. You get that just for reading this far down the post 🙂

You should have Xcode installed on your machine prior to the workshop. We’ll be using Xcode 4 for demos and such, but if you’re still using
Xcode 3 it’s OK.  You don’t necessarily need to have Cocos2D installed as we’ll cover how in the class.

Last but not least, Ray and I are glad to have Shawn Grimes helping us out
with the workshop. Shawn will be helping organize the workshop and be a helping hand during the labs, answering your questions along with Ray and I.

Looking forward to seeing you here in Atlanta,