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360iDev – The Conference to Attend – Cocos2D Book

360iDev – The Conference to Attend

If you have been following #idevblogaday this week you have seen other developers talk about the reasons you should be at the 360iDev conference. I completely agree with their posts, here is my story.

My first time at 360iDev was in Denver in Sept 2009. I’ve been to large conferences before, and even smaller ones, but nothing could prepare me for what I found there. The camaraderie and openness of everyone there was just amazing, here were developers telling their stories and sharing their code. Not just go use this framework, but here is how to make it happen. Everyone is really friendly and the knowledge and inspiration you will pick there is just great. Just attending the sessions on Sunday were worth the ticket for me, not mentioning the three other packed days. Where else can you learn about OpenGL, jump into a session about design, and then onto hacking an iPhone to receive input from a Wii remote? Not only that, but one of the people I ended up meeting at 360iDev was Ben, who did all the music and sounds for Payload.

The conference was great, but the icing on the cake was the GameJam. To be in the same room and work along side other developers is just an awesome atmosphere. There are people of all different levels of experience with everyone helping each other and coding frantically before the sun comes up again. How many developers that you read about and follow are in this photo?

Lastly, to the not so happy part of this post. I was counting the days to attending 360iDev this year, and even managed to get a slot talking about Physics Engines, with a fun, let’s call it mal-adjusted birds demo. My wife is towards the end of her pregnancy (our 2nd boy, 5 weeks to go), and had a few issues come up at the end of last week. She and the baby are doing great, but it’s wise that I stay here, since we already ended up with a test run to the hospital.

I’ve talked to John, and I’m hoping I can participate with you guys on the GameJam (albeit remotely via Skype/Facetime) and maybe even answer some Cocos2D questions ☺

If you don’t have your ticket already, what are you waiting for? You’ll get your money’s worth before the Monday sessions even start. Go register!

If you want to see more, Markus did a great video montage of the GameJam earlier this year at 360iDev in San Jose, see it here