Installing GIT on your Mac & Cocos2D from GitHub

Some of you may be new to Git and are wondering how to go about getting the latest Cocos2D iPhone source on your Mac. Here is how to get Git installed in a few easy steps.

To access any GIT repositories you will need GIT installed on your Mac. If you do not already have GIT installed on your Mac, you must first download and install GIT using these steps

Visit and select the latest download package for Snow Leopard or Leopard.

After downloading the DMG bundle, double click and you will see the package installer for GIT.

Double click the .pkg file to install GIT in your system.

If you are interested in more information on GIT, you can look at these sites:

GIT Crash Course

GIT for the Lazy

To get the latest Cocos2D Builds, use git to clone:

From terminal, type the command:

git clone git://

Or if you want to live on the bleeding edge:

git clone git:// develop

For the development branch.

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