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Recharging and Inspiration

The Learning Cocos2D book is complete and headed to printers. I’m happy with the way it turned out, and hope you guys find it useful and a good read. Before we get any further, if you want to pre-order the book: On Amazon (paper book) On InformIT (paper, PDF, ePub, etc) The blog posts here [...]

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Coding while standing

In the last month I have been working standing up most of the day. Why I chose to do this crazy thing of coding standing up is the topic of this week’s post. As some of may know I come from a certain soccer playing country. We call it futebol, but I’ve lived in the [...]

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Extreme Time Management

I had some Cocos2D topics lined up for today, but did not manage to have the sample code finished in time, so with one kid asleep and with the baby being rocked to sleep, I will have to make this short with a promise for more technical goodness on next week’s post. I work out [...]

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