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Learning Cocos2D – Cocos2D Book

Learning Cocos2D

This book is for anyone with basic programming knowledge who wants to create a game for the iPhone or iPad. In this book you will go through the entire process of writing a game with Cocos2D from zero to a full game. Your game will include physics, scrolling, animations, particle systems, sound, and much more. As you wrap up the book, you will have a full working game that you can use as a reference and full functional components all along the way.

Several preview chapters of Learning Cocos2D are currently available in Safari Rough Cuts, and the final version is available for sale now.

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Source Code for the Book is here: http://www.cocos2dbook.com/cocos2d/sourcecode/

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Table of Contents

Part I: Getting Started with Cocos2D

  • Chapter 1: Hello Cocos2D
  • Chapter 2: Hello Space Viking
  • Chapter 3: Intrduction to Cocos2D Animations and Actions
  • Chapter 4: Simple Collision Detection and the First Enemy

Part II: More Enemies and More Fun

  • Chapter 5: More Actions, Effects, and Cocos2D Scheduler
  • Chapter 6: Text, Fonts, and the Written Word

Part III: From Level to Game

  • Chapter 7: Main Menu, Level Completed, and Credit Scenes
  • Chapter 8: Pump Up the Volume
  • Chapter 9: When the World Gets Bigger, Adding Scrolling

Part IV: Physics Engines

  • Chapter 10: Basic Game Physics: Adding Realism with Box2D
  • Chapter 11: Intermediate Game Physics: Modeling, Racing, and Leaping
  • Chapter 12: Advanced Game Physics: Even Better then the Real Thing
  • Chapter 13: The Chipmunk Physics Engine: No Alvin Required

Part V: Particle Systems, Game Center, and Performance

  • Chapter 14: Particle Systems: Creating Fire, Snow, Ice, and More
  • Chapter 15: Achievements and Leaderboards with Game Center
  • Chapter 16: Performance Optimizations
  • Conclusion