Intro to iOS Development

Yesterday I did a quick talk+demo on how to begin iOS Development. The talk was for folks just starting out from other languages or new to programming in general. I have added notes to the slides, including links to the Apple Docs, books, source code, and more. My slides for the Intro to iOS Development [...]

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Performance Optimization for your iOS Games and Apps

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to present on Performance Optimizations for iOS Games and Apps in Atlanta, and later in Boston at the Voices that Matter Conference. This talk covers the top 10 things you can do to improve performance of your games or apps. You can get the slides here [...]

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Intro to Cocos2D at 360iDev

This week Ray and I got to present an Intro to Cocos2D talk at the 360iDev Conference in Denver. We had a great time at the conference, and appreciate all of the people that showed up at our talk. Here are the slides and code for the talk. Hope to see you at the next [...]

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Intro to iPhone Game Development Workshop

So you want to be a game developer but missed our last workshop in Atlanta. Fear not, you have two more chances: Ray and I are teaching the Beginning iPhone Game Development Workshop with Cocos2D in two locations: There is a 2 day version: October 15th and 16th in Denver, Colorado. Use the code “Prop” [...]

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Recharging and Inspiration

The Learning Cocos2D book is complete and headed to printers. I’m happy with the way it turned out, and hope you guys find it useful and a good read. Before we get any further, if you want to pre-order the book: On Amazon (paper book) On InformIT (paper, PDF, ePub, etc) The blog posts here [...]

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Cocos2D Via Minigames Workshop

So you want to be a Game Developer? If you are like us, you have been thinking about making your own games since you were a kid. I started with an Apple ][, some of you way earlier and some of you are just now starting. Either way. the hardest part is taking that first [...]

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Voices that Matter – Seattle

This April 8-10 I will be speaking at the Voices that Matter Conference in Seattle. My talk is on Performance Tips and Tricks for Cocos2D, learn how to keep your game at 60 frames per second even on a iPhone 3G! On April 8th Ray Wenderlich and I are doing a full day long workshop [...]

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Coding while standing

In the last month I have been working standing up most of the day. Why I chose to do this crazy thing of coding standing up is the topic of this week’s post. As some of may know I come from a certain soccer playing country. We call it futebol, but I’ve lived in the [...]

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Cocos2D on the Mac – Part 2 (Physics)

Adding in the Physics In the last post you learned how to create a Cocos2D game for the Mac. For this post I am going to cover how you can add the Box2D Physics engine to your Cocos2D Mac games. It is really pretty easy, here you will learn how to get Box2D integrated into [...]

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Cocos2D on the Mac – Part 1

Cocos2D is an excellent Objective-C framework for games, and hopefully you have heard or been looking at a certain Cocos2D book on Safari On-Line. Most of the tutorials out there are about running Cocos2D on iOS devices, but as of the last release, it now runs on the Mac too. In fact if your game [...]

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